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I recommend the Algebrator to students who need help with fractions, equations and algebra. The program is a great tool! Not only does it give you the answers but it also shows you how and why you come up with those answers. Ive shown my students how to use the program during some of our lessons. A couple of them even bought the program to help them out with their algebra homework.
Tim Blumberg, CA

Thank you, thank you and thank you. I was struggling to understand algebra but getting nowhere. I had asked friends for help but the light just wouldnt turn on. I stopped asking because I felt stupid. But with your software, it was all there. The step by step instructions helped me on every question until finally I could see the patterns and understand them. I could also learn in the privacy of my home.
David Brown, CA

No offense, but Ive always thought that math, especially algebra, just pretty much, well, was useless my whole life. Now that I get it, I have a whole new appreciation for its purpose and need in todays technological world! Plus, I can now honestly pursue my dream of being a video game creator and I probably would have realized too late that, without advanced math, you just cant do it!
Anne Mitowski, TX

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